Learn from B2C and B2B logistics experts, and how industry-leading companies and transformational disrupters are changing the way cross-border supply chains operate. Gain the opportunity to network with like-minded eCommerce operators, opening up new and valuable opportunities for your business.

With the UK being the home of #BREXIT, you will hear first-hand how Brexit will impact/affect UK/EU eCommerce logistics and supply chains. Get to know VAT, duties & taxes from compliance professionals who will discuss general issues as well as more specific needs.

  • Become knowledgeable about who’s who in this rapidly-evolving sector and open direct discussions with strategic partners who can provide value-added services to your company
  • Engage with eTailers, understand their needs and create solutions that can be replicated across the online cross-border retail sector.
  • Learn about new technologies within the industry and the key drivers that are disrupting traditional logistics methods while taking the time to absorb the experiences and knowledge of expert individuals who will be on hand to share their experiences.

This is much more than a networking conference. It’s an eCommerce experience, that promises to keep you constantly engaged, giving you the best possible opportunities to take advantage of global eCommerce growth and engage in cross-border solutions within the WCA eCommerce network.

If you already operate in this space, be there. If you are intrigued by eCommerce logistics and want to learn more, come along.

We are the fastest growing group of independent, neutral, like-minded individuals, focused on eCommerce. Meeting for our 2nd Annual Conference is one way to grow your business operations. See you at the Heathrow Renaissance London, June 4-6, 2018.