Please ensure that your equipment arrives in the UK no later than Friday the 25th May 2018, to ensure we can undertake all the customs clearance and delivery procedures.

Import to London by International Courier:

Importation of brochures, folders, advertising flyers, printed matter, and small give-away promotional items (pens, key chains, calendars, etc.) can be more easily and economically arranged if the you use major international courier companies to send items direct to our London Warehouse ( do not send direct to the Venue) we shall arrange delivery to the venue as per details below at the time the venues allows us to deliver the exhibits.


  1. In London, Embassy Freight Services UK Ltd. will handle the Customs Clearance of all the express shipments handled by international courier companies, but documents (waybills, etc.) must be consigned in a certain way, for details contact the undersigned.
  2. Senders need to provide the documents for Customs Clearance (in advance of shipping) plus a copy of the commercial invoice, packing list -  Embassy Event Services will charge UKP £ 135.00 (USD 185.00) per shipment (3 line entries).
  3. UK Customs will charge duty/vat ON ALL IMPORTS, Embassy Freight can pay the duty for the sender and will charge 3% of the duty as a handling charge (the value of duty is based on the Duty List issued by UK Customs.
    Under the harmonised codes that have been declared by the shipper.  
  4. Please do not consign to your hotel or to the venue location. WCA and participating hotels do not accept goods directly, and shipments to the hotel are likely to be delayed and Embassy Freight may not be able to assist properly.
  5. All shipments should be addressed, consigned & PRE-ALERTS sent to:
    1. WCA E-Commerce Conference
      C/O, Embassy Freight Services, Unit 6, Lakeside Industrial Estate, Slough SL3 0ED United Kingdom
      attn. Mr Mike Barrett/ Phil Kemp,.uk;;,uk
      +44 (0)1268 820461
  6. Handling and Delivery Charges to WCA eCommerce Conference: Embassy Freight will accept delivery of all packages from the couriers and then arrange delivery to the conference venue on Friday, 1st June, 2018.

Import to London by Air Cargo:

Please consign MAWB & send the PRE-ALERT (commercial invoice, packing list) to:

  1. Embassy Freight UK Ltd
    Building 554, Shoreham Road
    TW6 3RG London Heathrow Airport
    United Kingdom
    T +44 (0) 208 897 9142
    E event imports :
Embassy Freight will provide Customs Clearance Service, Storage Service and Delivery Service after 
the air cargo has arrived at London Heathrow Airport. The details are:

Customs Clearance & Documents: USD 185/shipment

If UK Customs charges duty, Embassy Freight can pay the duty on your behalf and will charge 3% of the duty as handling charge (the value of duty is based on the Duty List issued by UK Customs).
Terminal Fee & Handling Charge: USD 0.30/KG
Warehouse: USD 0.05/KG/day

Delivery to / and collection from the venue - charges:

Min (courier shipment) up to 25 kilos USD 110/shipment
25 to 100kg USD 160/ shipment
101 to 300kg USD 190/ shipment
301 to 500kg USD 240/ shipment
501 and above USD 285/ shipment


All charges (including the duty) should be settled directly to Embassy Freight before the event opens. Embassy Freight will estimate the value of duty in terms of the condition of the shipment. Embassy Freight will refund for any overpayment or need a supplemental payment for any deficiency.

Please find Bank Details as follows (Embassy Freight will not absorb the bank charges):

Account in USD:

Company Address Unit 1, Apollo Business Park, Paycocke Road, Basildon , Essex, SS14 3NW, United kingdom
Name of Bank National WestminsterBank (Nat West) Basildon Branch
Branch 60-02-39
Bank Address 29 East Walk , Basildon, Essex , United Kingdom
Currency US Dollars
Account No. A/C No 71506659