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ROGERS EXPO SERVICES (SINGAPORE) PTY., LTD. is the designated ground handler for WCA members to send their conference materials to Singapore. They are also one of Suntec Singapore’s designated local agents. We strongly recommend that you use their services for sending conference materials because Suntec has some restrictions about giving non-designated agents access to their venue.


  2. The following information will assist you to dispatch of your conference materials to Singapore in a timely manner. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require clarification on any points.


    Tel: 65-6846 0055
    Fax: 65-6846 1376


    We wish you every success at WCA Conference Week 2018 and look forward to seeing you in Singapore.

  4. All freight should be shipped on “FREIGHT PREPAID” basis and consigned as follows:


    6, Harper Road, #05-03 Leong Huat Building Singapore 369674

    Tel: 65-6846 0055
    Fax: 65-6846 1376

    For : WCA Conference Week 2018

  6. Documentation Deadline: 7 working day prior arrival

    Please ship your good to arrive IN Singapore no later than later than:

    Seafreight : 17 - 20 February 2018
    Airfreight : 21 - 24 February 2018
    Videos : 17 February 2018

  8. For all shipments, copies of documents, including air or ocean Bill Of Lading/Airway Bills, truck, invoices & packing list and other required documentation must be faxed/emailed to Rogers Expo Services (Singapore) Pte., Ltd. (+65 6846 1376) / SEVEN WORKING DAYS prior to arrival.

    Please also indicate the following exhibitor’s showsite representative:

    Ms. Yada
    Conference Supervisor
    WCA Limited
    Office Tel: +66 2 726 9060-9
    Office Fax: +66 2 726 9070

    The shipper is responsible for any delays due to bad weather, war, strike, equipment failure, intensive examination, or other Government intervention.

    Please fax stand plans & insurance certificates, if applicable.

    Whichever method you choose, please ensure you fax/email a brief pre-advice to us as soon as available.

  10. To enable us to clear your exhibits, request a Combined Invoice and Packing List to be sent to you. This document is to be completed in English, with full details such as description of commodity, unit & total value in Singapore Dollars or US dollars and in CIF terms. Exhibitors are requested to indicate on the “Combined Invoice & Packing List” on columns A, B or C whether items are intended for temporary import, sale or for free distribution.

    The offices of Rogers Expo Services (Singapore) Pte., Ltd. and/or its agents in your own country can assist you with any difficulties you may have with your documentation.

  12. Please ensure your equipment/materials are packed in strong, waterproof packing cases which lend themselves to being re-packed after the exhibition. Please bear in mind that your exhibits will be in transit for long periods both to and from the exhibition, and that cartons are not suitable to withstand the constant handling which takes place during transshipment. Exhibitors shall be responsible for the consequences of improper packing.

    When packing, exhibitors should take into consideration the weight and height restrictions of the show venue. Exhibitors shall be responsible for all consequences if they send to the show any exhibits with dimensions and weight that exceed the limits of the show venue. If in doubt, exhibitors should check with the organizer.

  14. All cases, cartons, etc. being sent to the exhibition must be marked as follows:

    Exhibition Name : WCA Conference Week 2018
    Exhibitor :
    Stand No :
    Case No :
    Dimensions :
    Weight :

  16. All videotapes and films (including video CDs and laser discs) are subject to the censorship clearance of the Media Development Authority (MDA) before they are allowed for public viewing. Therefore, the films/videos/discs must be senT by courier service to arriveAT ROGERS EXPO SERVICES (SINGAPORE) PTE., LTD. in Singapore at least 14 days weeks before the start of the exhibition.

    To apply for exemption from censorship of video tapes/discs, please request a “C” form and “E” form from ROGERS and complete the declaration of CD-ROM, please complete both forms and fax them together with your pre-alert message to us. Approved Form “C” from MDA should accompany the videotape upon entry into Singapore.

  18. It is an offence under Singapore Customs regulations NOT to declare personal belongings or exhibits with a total value of S$400.00 or above. All goods imported into Singapore are subject to 7% Goods & Services Tax GST) which must be paid at the time of import at the various entry points. Exhibitors who hand-carry their exhibits are required to declare their goods at the Customs checkpoints and make the necessary tax payment before they are granted entry.

    Alternatively, if you have high value goods of a returnable nature that you wish to hand-carry, we suggest that you obtain an ATA Carnet from your local Chamber of Commerce. Please refer to section 11, paragraph (1).

  20. All goods imported into Singapore are subject to the above tax when sold, consumed, distributed, disposed, donated, or given away in Singapore. The GST payable is 7% of CIF value indicated on the invoice and subject to the Customs & Excise final appraisal of the imported goods value. Brochures, pamphlets, newsletters, advertising materials, and giveaways of any kind will automatically be imported for local consumption with GST paid upon import. GST paid is not refundable.

  22. There are two options available to exhibitors in obtaining GST and duty exemption for those exhibits entering Singapore for display and re-export.

      (i) ATA Carnet:

      Singapore Customs are a signatory to the ATA Carnet system and exhibitors may use this document when shipping their goods. Shipments covered by ATA Carnets are exempt from payment of any tax or duties for the period of temporary importation.
      However, goods indicated in the ATA Carnet must be re-exported after the show. You are therefore reminded not to include any goods which are NOT intended to be re-exported in the ATA Carnet.

      (ii) Temporary Import Bond raised by Rogers Expo Services (Singapore) Pte., Ltd:

      Rogers Expo Services (Singapore) Pte., Ltd. can provide a Bank Guarantee on your behalf for exhibition goods under “temporary import”. This procedure involves raising a bank guarantee to customs to cover the potential (Goods & Services Tax) GST/Duty liability. For Import Bond fees, please refer to our Freight Handling Tariff.

    The maximum term for temporary importation under guarantee is six weeks (3 weeks prior to exhibition show opening date and 3 weeks from the show closing date). It is possible for the Temporary Import period to be extended beyond the granted six weeks providing that:

      (i) GST is paid at 7% of the Customs assessed value, allowing the first term of import to be cancelled.

      (ii) A letter is supplied by the exhibitor giving valid reasons for keeping their exhibits in Singapore. This request will be presented to customs and, if approved, a further period may be granted prior to final clearance instructions relating to sale, re-export or transfer to another exhibition. Any extensions granted are strictly at Customs’ discretion.


    The following categories of materials are prohibited, restricted or controlled and require special documentation and/or clearances prior to importation. Please supply us with details of your goods so we can advise you of the import paperwork required for the different types of products. On no account are the following products to be shipped without checking with us beforehand.

    Prohibited - Cross-bow, chewing gums, and pornographic materials.

    Restricted/Controlled - Arms and explosives, fireworks, military equipment, Toy guns/arms

        -   Telecommunication /transmitting equipment
        -   Radiographic equipment
        -   Vehicles
        -   Foodstuffs & Beverage products
        -   Cigarettes & Tobacco products
        -   Medical/Pharmaceutical/ Chemical products
        -   Live Animals and any products made from animal parts

    FOODSTUFFS Most food products require special import permission by the Health & Hygiene Authorities, particularly meat, fish and dairy products whether fresh, frozen or canned. Permission is granted on a case-to-case basis, and these items must be accompanied by Certificate of Origin and Health Certificate (in English) from the Government Veterinary Department of the exporting country. Please check with us for instructions and documentary requirements. Do not affect shipment without our prior approval.

    All food products must be packed, documented and despatch on separate Master Airway Bills to all other exhibition products. They will be imported based on the pre-payment of GST at the time of customs clearance. We are also able to provide special handling and storage of chilled and frozen products and these services & rates will be quoted separately upon request.


    Alcoholic beverages may only be imported on a permanent basis, and are subject to payment of duty & GST which must be paid at the time of importation. Duty rate varies depending on the alcohol percentage which will be determined by the Government’s chemist from samples extracted or as determined by customs. All duties/GST paid are not refundable.

    The following details must be indicated on the Commercial Invoice/Packing List:

    • Number of cases/ pallets
    • Number of carton per case/pallet
    • Number of bottles per carton
    • Number of litres per bottle
    • The percentage of alcohol content
    • Type of Alcoholic Beverage (e.g. wine, bourbon, vodka etc). If wine – whether still or sparkling, red or white wine. (A certificate of Age for Whiskey or Brandy must be attached to the invoice)

    We strongly recommend that you do not send any alcoholic drinks/beverages as most brands are easily available in the local market.

    MEDICAL/PHARMACEUTICAL/CHEMICAL PRODUCTS Import and Export Licences are required for western medicines and traditional Chinese medicine, pharmaceutical products, and chemical products.

    Please note that we do not have the authority to apply for an import license, or act as importer for any pharmaceutical products on an exhibitor’s behalf, even for exhibition purposes only. Those participants planning to ship product samples must have a registered pharmacy / importer holding valid licenses to clear same.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to ensure that their materials conform to all existing regulations regarding the import of any items regulated by the various government agencies in Singapore. The list above is not exhaustive and subject to change at any time by operation of law. Therefore, in the interest of safety, we would urge all participants to contact us for specific instructions regarding these and any other category of materials. Additional cost may be associated with these clearances, permits or licences.

    In all instances, the approval of import permits/licenses is solely at the discretion of the relevant government authorities and we cannot be held responsible for their refusal to grant such permits, event if the products have already arrived in Singapore.

  26. Container storage and demurrage/detention charges will be levied by the shipping lines for any containers that are held in use longer than the free period specified by them (usually 3 days from arrival of vessel). If the containers are required to be retained till a later period due to exhibitors’ request to be present for unloading; for onsite storage; for subsequent re-export or any other purposes, we suggest that the exhibitors negotiate a pre-agreed demurrage rate with the shipping line at the country of origin, as any negotiation with the shipping lines in Singapore will be difficult. All such charges incurred will be billed at cost.

  28. If you are exhibiting heavy equipment which requires the use of a forklift truck or crane to place it in position on your stand, we ask you to supply us with scale layout drawings so we can position such items early during the buildup period. Drawings should accompany your Combined Invoice & Packing List.

  30. We will assist you in physical unpacking and installation of exhibits, however exhibitors must supervise and be responsible for these operations. For this purpose, a representative of the company must be available on-site during the move-in period. If exhibitors arrive on-site late, or instruct us to arrange unpacking or repacking unsupervised on their behalf, we shall handle these operations only at the exhibitor’s risk.

    Similarly, during exhibition closing, exhibitors must also supervise the dismantling and repacking of exhibits, especially for delicate or heavy equipment. When exhibits are repacked with used packing materials, the packing is regarded as no longer suitable to protect the equipment against damage/moisture compared with the original. Exhibitors shall therefore bear the responsibility for any consequences arising there from.

  32. The following documents will be distributed to exhibitors before closing.

    • a copy of the List of Exhibits previously submitted to customs
    • a form of Instructions for Disposal of Exhibits

    We will start to return empty cases to stands on the closing day after all visitors have left, and will assist exhibitors in re-packing and undergoing Customs formalities. In order to ensure the closing of the exhibition can proceed smoothly, those exhibitors with heavy and oversized equipment may be required to repack their exhibits on the next day. Our on-site representative will inform exhibitors of the exact arrangements during the exhibition.

    Exhibitors are requested to declare on their disposal form the number of packages, value, and weight/volume of each product within the following categories:
    • sold
    • to be returned (port of destination/mode of transport)
    • consumed/given away

    Return consignments will be despatched on a freight ‘prepaid’ basis upon full payment of our handling charges in Singapore or on ‘collect’ terms via a shipper’s disbursement. (Please note that we are not in a position to handover any return freight to other third party agents as temporary import guarantees are lodged in our name and customs formalities must be cancelled at the time of exportation). We will be pleased to provide you with a quotation upon request.

  34. As the official tariff is computed on the basis of volume or weight and has no correlation with the value of exhibits, it follows that the cost of insurance cover is not included in our charges. It is the responsibility of each exhibitor to arrange a full transit Insurance Policy covering transport to the exhibition, during the exhibition, and the return of exhibits to domicile, including the period the exhibits are handled by us, and also ensure that Transport Insurance is arranged for exhibits sold locally. Insurance shall include a waiver of subrogation against ROGERS EXPO SERVICES (SINGAPORE) PTE LTD and its agents and/or subcontractors.

    Exhibitors should also bring a copy of the insurance policy to Singapore as it will be required in case we need to file a claim for damage or loss on your behalf.

  36. Companies using Rogers Expo Services (Singapore) Pte., Ltd. or its appointed agents will be invoiced by them for all services. Companies shipping other than by our offices or agents are advised that full payment must be received by us as follows:

    Inward : Upon uplift of goods, prior to delivery to stand.
    Outward : Upon presentation of invoice/prior to return of exhibits to sender.

    All payment must be made without any deduction or deferment on account of any claim, counterclaim or off-set, and remitting bank charges are to be borne by the remitter.

    Personal or foreign cheques are not acceptable. Payment can be made by Telegraphic Transfer to our account as follows:

    The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, Robinson Road
    P.O. Box 896
    Singapore 901746

    Sin Dollar A/C No: 141-101212-001 (Bank Swift Code: HSBCSGSG )

    All work is undertaken at owner's risk and otherwise in accordance with our terms & conditions of trading (copy is available upon request). Insurance is not included!


WCA Conference Week 2018
02 – 08 March 2018
Suntec Singapore/Pan Pacific Hotel

  2. By Sea

    Collection from arrival Singapore port up to delivered unpacked on stand including customs clearance and on-site supervision SGD 100.00 per cbm/1000kg
    Minimum Charge LCL SGD 250 per
    20’ Container 22 cbm
    40’ Container 44 cbm
    45’ Container 52 cbm

    By Air
    Collection from arrival Singapore airport up to delivered unpacked on stand including customs clearance and on-site supervision SGD 1.00 per kg
    Minimum Charge SGD 250.00 per consignment/exhibitor

    The volume/weight ratio for airfreight will be calculated as 1 cbm = 166 kg, and charged on whichever yields the greater.


  4. Temporary Import Bond fee based on CIF value of your goods (subject to Customs re-assessment of value) 0.5% on CIF value
    Minimum Charge SGD 100.00

  6. Handling & processing charge (Excluding censorship fees & 7% GST, as per outlay) SGD 60.00 per declaration/titel/exhibitor

  8. From arrival Suntec Singapore up to delivered on stand SGD 75.00 per cbm/1000kg
    Minimum Charge 2cbm/ exhibitor/ consignment



WCA Conference Week 2018
02 – 08 March 2018
Suntec Singapore/Pan Pacific Hotel

  1. This tariff applies on a per shipment, per exhibitor basis and is for general and dry products only.

  2. FCL/LCL charges, Terminal Handling charges & port handling charges* will be charged extra for inbound and outbound movement. FCL shipments: SGD 257.00/20’, SGD382.50/40’ and SGD 452.50/45’ or as per outlay LCL shipments: SGD 37.25 per cbm (Min. 1 cbm)

    *All current and actual cost levied by Container Freight Stations (CFS), all third party’s charges incurred will be charged as per outlay

    *Early arrival of shipment via seafreight are subject to port storage charges, which will be charged as per outlay. Please check with your carriers at origin for more information.

  3. All Air-Terminal Handling Charges (SGD 0.15/kg Min. SGD 25) for airfreight arriving in and departing from Singapore will be charged as per outlay for inward & outbound movement.

  4. With effect from July 2016, a Safety of Life On Sea (SOLAS) weighing fee of SGD 15.00 per cbm (round up to next higher cbm) will be applicable for export cargo.

  5. Tariff prices are applicable only to single pieces not exceeding 250 x 220 x 220 cm / 2,000 kg. Any single piece in excess of 2000kgs will be subject to a heavy-lift charge according to the scale below:

    Weight per Piece Heavy-Lift Charge
    2001-4000 kg S$40.00 per 1000 kg
    4001-6000 kg S$50.00 per 1000 kg
    6001-8000 kg S$60.00 per 1000 kgg
    For single pieces above 8000 kg, or in excess of above dimensions, a separate quotation will be given upon receipt of full cargo specification. These rates will not be applicable where mechanical lifting equipment cannot be used due to restrictions of the exhibition venue. Exhibitors should check with the organizer if they need to send to the show any exhibits with dimensions and weight that exceed the limits of the show venue.

    The venue owner has requested for the following requirements/specification for any individual machine/equipment with net weight that is in excess of 1000kg. Appreciate that the following details/specification be forwarded to us at least 1 month prior to the show date:
      a) Product catalogue / specification,
      b) Booth design with machine layout plan,
      c) Actual dimensions of the machine including the base (actual base size),
      d) Net weight of the machine (static loading and if the intend to operate the machine, the dynamic load),
      e) Is the machine flat based or on castors/legs? If on castors/legs, please provide footprint of the castors/legs. To check the loading on our floor slab, the dimensions that are in contact with the floor is of most importance and this could be the machine base/plinth, shipping skid etc.

  6. All FCL containers will also incur customs supervision fees for attendance and examination of container seals and contents. (SGD 200/20’ & SGD 250/40’ & 45’)

  7. Prices include 5 days free storage in our warehouse in Singapore and 5 days after close date of show for outbound goods. Additional storage in our warehouse in Singapore will be charged at SGD 8.50 per m3 per week (Min. SGD 85.00 per week) or part thereof. In and Out warehouse movement charge of SGD 10/cbm/way will also apply. Cargo without disposal instructions at close of show will be charged as storage cargo.

  8. Prices are valid only for goods arriving on or before our published deadlines, goods arriving after these dates will be subject to late arrival surcharge of 30% on basic prices. Whilst every effort will be made to clear cargo through to site prior to the opening, no guarantees can be given. Surcharges will apply regardless of the delivery date to your booth.

  9. A documentation charge of SGD 75.00 per exhibitor/per declaration with limit of 15 items/HS code per each permit will be levied for each movement. Subsequent item will be charged at SGD 3.50 per line per HS code. Temporary and Permanent Import permits will have to be declared separately.

  10. Handling and customs clearance of ATA Carnet @ SGD 100.00 per each ATA Carnet;

  11. Exhibits which are under Temporary Import and subsequently sold or disposed of in Singapore shall require a permanent import permit. A fee of SGD 100.00 per declaration shall be levied for processing of permit conversion. In addition, exhibitors are required to pay Goods and Services Tax (GST) of 7% on CIF or Sales value, whichever is higher.

  12. Any unwanted empty packing cases/materials left on the show floor by exhibitors at the close of the show will be removed and sent for destruction. A fee of SGD 50.00 per cbm (Minimum SGD 150.00) will be levied.

  13. All cargo must be sent “Freight Prepaid” for the inward movement. Freight sent collect and all outlays paid on behalf will be charged at 10% on top of the payment incurred.

  14. Tariff Exclusions:
    • Port / Airport storage charges as per receipt/outlay
    • Container demurrage/detention charges as per receipt/outlay
    • Transport/Exhibition Insurance
    • Assembling / Disassembling/ Repositioning of exhibits, as per expense, signed work order
    • New Packing material for re-packing
    • Courier fees for dispatch of original B/Ls and documents as per outlay
    • Authority Inspection & Endorsement Fee – as per outlay (if applicable)
    • 7% Goods and Service Tax (GST) on local services rendered
    • Handling of perishables/ high value/ high-sensitive /hazardous or dangerous/oversized cargo – UPON REQUEST
    • Return and Retrieval of containers – applicable to FCL shipments
    • Grounding/reloading of containers - applicable to FCL shipments
    • Unstuffing/stuffing of containers onsite – applicable to FCL shipments
    • All other services – UPON REQUEST